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Tir Na N'Ogh -Service Dog, Therapy Dog & AKC CGC
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Patricia A Goettler aka Patti
Director - Head Trainer

GHSDs at Greyhounds in Gettysburg

About Greyt Hearts Service Dogs Inc.
Greyt Hearts Service Dogs Inc., (GHSD), was founded in 2011 in Woodford, VA.
Patti Goettler has had a 50 + year background in Animal Behavior / Training.
Seeing a need for Psychiatric Dogs that have empathy and a long working life span; she turned to Sight Hounds, Greyhounds in particular to do this important job.

Greyt Hearts Service Dogs Inc. is the only Service Dog Organization that is taking advantage of the huge pool of retired Greyhounds. These hounds have a tremendous connection with humans, and have been handled and trained from birth by professionals. This creates a dog who is ready to go directly into the specialized training required by Service Dogs. Their strong athletic bodies are perfect for the task at hand, and their gentle, loving minds are more than ready for a new challenge in life. They are trained right here in Woodford, VA.
and nearby Fredericksburg, VA. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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Committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams of a new freedom, and a new way of life.
 Patti Goettler, brings over 50 years’ experience in Animal Behavior and Training to GHSS Inc..
She is an AKC CGC Evaluator as well as a Therapy Dogs Inc. Tester/Observer. 
In 1980 she was hired to bring the City of Fredericksburg into compliance with State Animal Laws. While with the Fredericksburg Police Department she wrote the job description for Animal Control Officer. She also worked with surrounding juridictions in upgrading their Animal Control Departments. VPI was offering training For Virginia ACOs and both Patti and her husband Marty were asked to run training sessions at an Annual ACO Training ClassIn 1985,Service Dog trading was added. Many breeds and types of dogs were used.
Ms. Goettler started and ran the Dog Training department of the Fredericksburg PetsMart in 1996 through 2003. During this time she not only taught Dog Training; but trained other Dog Trainers. She also trained a number of Service Dog / Handler Teams. Since then she has continued training dogs and individuals; certifying Dog/Handler Teams as Hearing Dogs, Physical Assistance Dogs and Psychiatric Assistance Dogs.

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