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Tir Na N'Ogh -Service Dog, Therapy Dog & AKC CGC
We are proud to announce the acquisition of our first four Greyhounds for Greyt Hearts Service Dogs Inc...
We Partnered with Star City Greyhound Adoption of Roanoke, VA. and   on May 15th
two wonderful young Stars were brought into our training program.In August a third Hound came from Star City, RLS's Yorktown, now know as Arwr,(Welsh for Hero) .We call him Roo.
In Nov. 2012 Purple Hearts Service Dogs of FL sent us "Ace", renamed Kanga,(Swahili for Tribal/Chieftain) He immediately leaped into service with an appearance at 2012 Greyhounds Rock.

Turbo Creek Girl ..........Renamed as "Liberty"
Liberty is a three year old Spayed Female. She raced 20 times,
placed 2nd and 3rd a few times at a West Virginia Track. She was then retired and placed for adoption.
Her new career will be as a Psychiatric Dog for a Veteran with P.T.S.D.
RLM's Lakeside.......Renamed as "Danny The Dogmation"
Danny is a 2 year old White w/Ticking Neutered Male.
 He came straight from The Breeding Farm in Oklahoma and is in training to be a Physical Support and Assistance Dog for a Lady with RA
The "Kids" have already started their training, and will be seen learning the ropes in The Fredericksburg, VA area...
Greyt News for Greyt Hearts Service Dogs Inc.
Danny and Liberty are out in Public- 
in their new vests...

They appear to be comparing notes on their new skill- "The Stand Stay"
To fully Sponsor a Trained Service Dog, including all of their Equipment is $10,000.
Greyt Hearts Service Dogs Inc. will gladly accept donations of any amount. 

Donations can be made through PayPay-
Just Make a Gift to
We truly appreciate it!

If you can assist us in our endeavors or if you know of someone needing  a Service Dog, please feel free to contact us:

Danny moved in with his Handler/Owner Margaret T. September 29, 2012!
New Greyt Hearts Hounds!
The Brindle is Kanga, 2 yo, up from Purple Hearts Service Dogs in FL.
The White and Brindle is Arwr, 2 yo, another Star City Graduate.
These boys are strong enough to do Physical Support and are Cross Training for PTSD.

Emma Du Bose, is a new volunteer handler.
She works at the Richmond Metro Zoo, with Cheetahs, among other species-
So she feels  right at home with speedy Liberty at Short Pump Towne Center.
Thanks Emma!